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From: Helen Hughes

Looking for Kids Crafts?

If you're looking for kids crafts, here's what you'll receive from us...

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Cracking Crafts and Superior Service

Helen Hughes at Kids Craft Box

I know how important it is when you're buying gifts to make sure that you're only buying good quality kits which offer great value for money.

So to help you, I've handpicked hundreds of cracking crafts which are brilliant for boys and great for girls.

This means that all YOU need to do is choose your favourites, and you can be confident that you'll be buying the best kids crafts available.

But if you can't decide, or you need some advice first, please contact me and I'll do all I can to help you.

Needlecrafts are my personal favourites and I know that many children want to learn too, so I've scoured the suppliers for the best quality kits available.

So whatever Cross Stitch, Knitting or Sewing kits you buy from me, you'll be getting fabulous quality and value for money every time.

There's also a superb selection of Shrinkles which have remained really popular with kids and adults for so many years.

And I've also found some fabulous Foam Crafts kits ... so there really is something for everyone, whatever the occasion.

So whether you want something that's cool for crafty classes, great for groups or ideal for individuals, it's all here...

And they're ...

Perfectly Packed plus Free P&P!

Have you ever ordered items only to find that they arrive in inappropriate or tatty, second-hand packaging?

I know I have!

And that's no good when it's a gift.

Well, I take extra care with every parcel I pack, and I know how much that's appreciated by my customers. After all, who wants to receive damaged goods in the post?

There's also free UK P&P on all orders over £9.99 too!

And don't forget ... your crafts will be delivered right to your door, so you'll be saving on petrol and parking fees too ... AND if you're not completely satisfied with what you receive, you can just send it back and I'll refund your money. Simple.

So all you need to do now is to choose your crafts and order online, or if you prefer, order by phone or by post.


And remember, if you need any assistance please contact me and I'll do my very best to help you in any way I can.

So start your shopping now.

Happy crafting!


Created For You

P.S. You can also sign up to receive my free downloadable projects book which has loads of simply fabulous fun-to-do kids craft projects, especially for kids aged 4+.