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This free downloadable book contains 10 craft projects your children (ages 4 - 9+) will love to make, using bits & pieces you've probably got around your house already.

There are comprehensive instructions and pictures for each of the ten projects and it'll keep them busy for hours!

I'll also send you additional craft projects on a regular basis ... completely free of charge ... to help you keep your children entertained.

Here are a few of the comments I've already received about this book:



Your book is brill!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks.
I use a lot of the ideas with my Beaver colony. Yvonne

I looked after my niece and nephew for the day and
managed to keep them occupied all day thanks to you.
Thanks again. Steph

Thanks so much they look brilliant.
I have some funky foam sheets in craft kit so looks like
the bookmarks will be first on the 'to do list'.
Wish I had your imagination. Many thanks. Sue

I am delighted with it. Best wishes, Rhonda

Just want to thank you for the free book, it's fantastic. Moe

I will definitely use some of your ideas with our
junior church group 3 - 7 year olds.
The welly boot holder togetherers was a brilliant idea.
I think I will make them with my children first. Wendy

Many thanks.
My kids have already been making some of your great ideas! Kam

Thanks for the Book - my daughter
should have many hours of fun with it. John

Thanks Helen - it looks great. Joanna

It has some great ideas, I'm sure that they will keep
my class and I entertained for hours! Thank you. Jennifer

Thanks for this Helen. It was great. Thanks. Paula

Thank you. Great ideas. Helen

Your book had great ideas in it. Johanne

Thanks for the book. I'll have lots of fun
with my daughter making these. Thank You. Hayley

Looks great. Thanks. Claire

It will be very useful. Thanks. Julia

Loved your book. Thanks a lot,
it will keep my crazy neices busy!! Emma

Thanks for the ideas. Stephanie

Thanks for your ideas.
I am a primary teacher and new ideas are always welcome. Judith

Thanks so much for this gift. Adesola

Thanks ever so much. The children will enjoy it together. Donna

I'm very pleased with it and will be trying a
few of the ideas with my boys. Thanks. Ele

Thanks. I think that your activities look very interesting.
I help run a couple of children's clubs for a children's
cancer charity and I am constantly looking for different
idea's to keep the children interested. Thanks. Shirley

Thank You. The ideas look good.
I will be able to use and adapt them. Frances

Everyone keen to get started on your ideas. Thanx. Pip


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I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Happy crafting,

Helen Hughes




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